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Dean Jellicoe Memorial Library

Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, the church hall of St George, Lennoxville now doubles as the Dean Jellicoe Memorial Library, a collection of two thousand antiquarian books. When Bishop’s University Library disposed many of its theological books, collected over a century-and-a-half, this ambitious project was conceived to preserve these volumes and make them available in the church hall. This endeavour has been carried out without compromising any of the usual activities of the hall, whether teas, bazaars, or receptions. In addition to the library collection, the hall is graced by reproduced portraits of prominent Quebec clergy: the Right Rev’d George Jehoshaphat Mountain (the Bishop of Quebec at the parish’s consecration), the Rev’d Lucius Doolittle, and the Rev’d Canon Dr. Scarth (the founding clergy). The following article on the project by the Rural Dean, Ruth Sheeran, is found in the Winter 2021 edition of the Diocesan Gazette:

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